eLicense FAQs

See below for some of our most frequently asked questions regarding eLicense usage.

For additional information on how to install the eLicense, eLicense System Requirements, and standard usage please see our eLicense User Guide.

General Questions

What licenses does AFT offer?

AFT offers two types of copy protection, eLicenses (cloud-based licensing) and USB keys. Both eLicenses and USB keys come in either a network or standalone license profile. These options are described further here.

What kind of license do I have?

AFT sends a license details document to the primary contact when a license is purchased.

If you do not have access to the license details, there are a few ways to determine your license type. If you are running the software, check the tools menu. If an eLicense was used to run the software then an "eLicense Information" menu option will be available. Selecting eLicense information will show additional information on the eLicense profile, and license seats available.

If "eLicense Information" is not available in the Tools menu, then a USB key license was used to access the software. Standalone USB keys must be plugged directly into the local machine to access a license. Network USB keys may be located on a server, or on another machine on the local network to access a license.

Alternatively if you cannot open the software, The license error message will typically show the license type last used to open the software, as is shown below for an eLicense.

How do I view troubleshooting information for my license?

If you get a license error when launching the software, first determine what type of license you have as explained above.

Next, select your licensing type from the list in the License Error window, and click "OK."

A diagnostic window should now appear with detailed information on the error. This information may be used to determine troubleshooting steps as described in the eLicense or USB Key FAQs, or may be sent to Support to obtain additional assistance.

Can I switch from USB key licensing to eLicense?

It is possible to move from USB key to eLicense by reaching out to Support. The only associated fee with changing license types is the cost of shipping the USB key back to AFT.

For information on the eLicense requirements and the process of transitioning from USB key to eLicense see the USB to eLicense Transition Guide.

What information is transmitted to the cloud when the eLicense is used?

The following anonymous data will be transmitted in order to validate and obtain a license:

  • Operating system

  • CPU type and number of cores

  • Memory

  • IP Address of the Internet gateway used

  • Device name and form factor

No personal contact information is collected as part of the eLicense. For additional information see AFT's eLicense Privacy Statement.

Where is the eLicense Manager located?

The eLicense Manager can be found in the installation folder for the application. By default this will be located at C:\AFT Products\AFT Application\AFTeLicenseManager.exe. The AFT Products folder may be located elsewhere if a non-default location was chosen for installation.

How many machines can the eLicense be activated on?

A standalone eLicense may only be activated on one machine at a time. To move the standalone eLicense to a different machine the license must first be deactivated on the current machine using the eLicense Manager.

A network eLicense can be installed on as many machines as desired. However, concurrent use of the applications will be limited by the number of seats owned for that application. The license will automatically activate on a machine when the application is launched, and will automatically deactivate when the application is closed.

How can I check what license seats are available and who is using the eLicense?

General information about the eLicense can be viewed in the AFT eLicense Manager.

All AFT Applications must be closed to open the AFT eLicense Manager. A limited version of the Manager is available from an Application’s Tools menu under eLicense Information.

Further details about the current eLicense usage can be seen from the eLicense web portal, accessed by clicking the "More Info" button in the eLicense Manager, or from this link: eLicense Web Portal

How can I transfer a standalone eLicense to another machine?

A Standalone eLicense can only be Activated on a single Client Machine at a time, and will remain Activated until it is manually Deactivated. To relocate an eLicense to another Client Machine:

  1. Deactivate the eLicense on the currently Activated Client Machine by launching the AFT eLicense Manager and clicking "Deactivate"

  2. Follow the Standard Installation Instructions described in the eLicense User Guide on the new Client Machine.

    1. If the eLicense was previously Activated on the new Client Machine, simply starting an Application will re-Activate the eLicense.

How can I switch between eLicenses?

There are two methods to swap the elicense code with another. The first method is uses the eLicense Manager, and is the recommended method for switching eLicenses on an individual machine. The second method directly replaces the Registration.txt file in the Program Data folder, and may be useful for IT personnel switching the eLicense for a large number of users.

eLicense Manager Method

  1. Close all AFT products.

  2. Navigate to the AFT eLicense Manager and Run as administrator.

  3. Paste the new 32-digit elicense code from the Registration file into the eLicense Activation Code field and click Activate.

Registration.txt Method

  1. Close all AFT products.

  2. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Applied Flow Technology and delete the REGISTRATION.TXT file.

    1. Note that Program Data is a hidden folder, so the folder path may need to be directly typed into File Explorer

How can I release a locked license seat?

License seats on a network eLicense may not be returned to the server if the application is closed abnormally, such as if the application is forced closed. In this case the license seat can be returned by either reopening then closing the application, or by opening the eLicense Manager and clicking deactivate.

Note that the locked license seat will automatically be returned when the checkout interval has elapsed, which is set to 7 days by default. The checkout interval can be changed upon request by contacting Support.

Can I use an eLicense on a virtual environment?

Network eLicenses can work on a virtual machine, but standalone eLicenses are not allowed to be used on a virtual machine.

Note that while AFT software may work on virtual environments, installs on virtual environments are not supported by AFT.

Common Error Messages

In the license Diagnostics window information on the specific license error can be seen at the bottom of the window. For example see the diagnostics window below showing the error message a user will see when launching a product version which is not valid on their license.

Descriptions of other common error messages are given below.

“Checking Software Feature Failed: No Seats Available”

This indicates that all Seats on the eLicense are currently allocated to Client Machines.

There are two possibilities that can cause this:

  1. Other Users are currently using the Application or have left it open.

    1. Wait until or request that other Users close the Application.

  2. There are Seats Locked Up

    1. No one in your organization is using the Application but you receive a message indicating that it is in use.

    2. This likely occurs because the Application was closed ungracefully and was unable to Check In the Seat. The eLicense Service is not updated and still indicates that the Seat is Checked Out to that Client Machine.

    3. When the Client Machine with the Locked Up Seat is identified, start and exit an Application normally or Deactivate its eLicense.

To help determine which Client Machine may have a Seat Checked Out, use More Info.

If you are unable to determine what Client Machine has the Application Checked Out, contact AFT Support and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

Note on Modules: Module Seats are not Checked In until the Application is closed, even if the Module is “Deactivated” from the Tools menu. Exit the Application to Check In the Seat.

“No internet connection available”

The eLicense software was unable to connect to the eLicense Service

First, try clearing the eLicense cache

  • To do this, delete all files in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Nalpeiron

If the problem persists, it could be due to several reasons:

  • If a Proxy or VPN exists, it has not been correctly configured. See the eLicense User Guide for more information. If you do not have a Proxy, ensure the Proxy fields are blank

  • A firewall or other network security feature may be blocking the connection

  • Using a Virtual Machine or a Remote Connection with a Network eLicense could pose difficulties in allowing the Application to access https://my.nalpeiron.com correctly.

Confer with your IT department to determine what may be blocking the AFT Application’s internet access.

“Unable to load DLL ‘AFTeLicense.dll’: The specified module could not be found.”

A required Redistributable Package is not installed:

  • For release after Feb. 10 2020 install Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package (x86)

    • For earlier releases install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) and the MFC Security Update

  • For 64-bit Utility Applications, the x64 version is required

The above redistributables can be found on Microsoft's documentation site.

“Registration file not found or invalid. Do you want to try to activate the eLicense?”

  • Click No when asked if you want to try and activate the eLicense.

  • Close the Diagnostics window

  • Press OK to close the Application

  • Locate your Registration.txt file

    • Open the file and ensure a 32-digit Protection ID is present.

    • Copy the file into C:\AFT Products\AFT Application\

    • If you cannot find the file, contact AFT with your license information (License Number) and this can be provided

  • Right-click the Application and select Run as administrator

    • Administrator privileges are required to copy the Registration.txt file into C:\ProgramData\Applied Flow Technology\

  • Alternatively, if you know your 32-digit Protection ID

    • Close and restart the Application as an administrator

    • Click Yes when asked if you want to try and activate the eLicense

    • Enter the Protection ID and click Activate

“Software License DLL Missing”

Re-install the Application with administrator privileges.

“Standalone License not allowed in virtual environment”

Disable the virtual environment and run the Application directly on a Client Machine's host operating system, or upgrade to a network license to continue using the eLicense in a virtual environment.

If the eLicense Diagnostics window specifically list the Virtual Machine as HVHVCI the virtual machine may be disabled as follows:

  • Open the Control Panel and open Programs

  • Under Programs and Features click "Turn Windows Features on or off"

  • Look for "Hyper-V" in the list and uncheck the box to turn off Hyper-V

“Standalone eLicense not allowed for remote connections”

Access the Application directly, or upgrade to a network license to be able to activate the license by remotely accessing the computer.

“Checking Software Feature Failed: Feature Name Not Found”

The Application or Module you are attempting to access is not available on your eLicense.

“Checking Software Feature Failed: Wrong version number or expiry date override”

The Application or Module you are attempting to access is present on your eLicense, but the License is for an earlier version, or has expired.

“Checking Software Feature Failed: PROD_SUBSCRIPTION_EXPIRED”

The License was time-based (Lease or Trial) and this time has expired.

“Checking Software License: PROD_NOT_AUTHORIZED”

The standalone eLicense is already activated on another machine. See "How can I transfer a standalone eLicense between machines?"

“Checking Software Feature Failed: Server Denied Transaction AFT Product (M01)

This commonly indicates that there are no available seats for the indicated product. To check how many seats are available see "How can I check what license seats are available and who is using the eLicense?"

This error may also be resolved by clearing the eLicense cache. To do this, delete all files in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Nalpeiron.

"Checkout Software Feature Failed: Entitlement Not Found AFT Product (M01)"

This error most often indicates that a virtual environment has been detected and a standalone license is in use. See "Standalone license not allowed in virtual environment"