Common Pipe Input Parameters

The common input parameters are located above the tabs in the Pipe Properties window.


Every pipe must have a unique ID number. When new pipes are created, a pipe number is automatically allocated.

The pipe number can be changed by the user to any unique value greater than zero and less than 100,000. Pipe numbers are only identifiers and have no affect on the model behavior.


A name can be assigned to each pipe for reference purposes. The default name is simply “Pipe.” Names do not need to be unique. The name can be shown on the Workspace, in the Visual Report and in the Output window.

Copy Data From Pipe...

The Copy Data From Pipe dropdown list allows you to copy all or some of an existing pipe’s properties to the current pipe. Selecting an existing pipe will prompt the user on what parameters should be changed. The Copy Previous button functions similarly, copying parameters from the previously edited pipe.

In child scenarios, Copy Data From Pipe lists "Parent Pipe Data," allowing the user to copy all or some parameters from the parent pipe.

Connected Junctions

All pipe objects have a reference positive direction, as indicated on the Workspace by an arrow in the center of the pipe. The upstream and downstream junctions are identified with this direction. The connected junctions area displays these junctions. Every pipe must be connected to two junctions in order to be completely defined.