Sizing Results

Automatically Selected Pipe Sizes

The pipe sizes corresponding to the best case Objective value are reported in the Output Window.

The Sizing tab in the Pipes section of the Output window.

Cost Report

The Cost Report is displayed in the top section of the Output window. It will display the appropriate variable for the Objective (e.g. kilograms for a Weight sizing). All Cost Libraries that were used in the generation of the report are listed in Library Sources. It is described in detail in Cost Report.

Design Requirement Status

Whether or not a Design Requirement is Active can have important bearing on system design decisions.

Values in yellow are active. Values highlighted in blue are Design Requirements that were active during Continuous sizing, and may appear inactive after Discrete sizing. Un-highlighted values are inactive.

The Pipe Design Requirements tab in the pipes section of the Output window. The Pump Design Requirements tab in the junctions section of the Output window.

Changing Input Sizes to Resulting Pipe Sizes

  • Set Pipes to Resulting Pipe Sizes - The Transfer Results to Initial Guesses takes on additional functionality when ANS is enabled. After a sizing run, you can use this feature to transfer the resulting pipe sizes to the pipes. For certain Search Methods, this can greatly speed up the solution process for future sizing runs.

  • Generating a Disconnected Scenario - Generating a disconnected scenario allows the sizing results to be saved as input in a new scenario. This can be useful to keep track of results from different methods, or to tweak the sized solution if required.