Critical Warnings, Warnings, and Cautions

A number of warnings may be given in the output when you run AFT Arrow's Solver. These warnings are intended to alert you about potential problems with the model or solution. Some warnings may prove to be harmless upon closer inspection, but you should never ignore them.

There are different warning levels depending on the importance of the warning.

  1. CRITICAL WARNING – A critical warning is very important and reflects a high possibility of incorrect results in the output

  2. WARNING – A warning that actually says WARNING offers important information about the converged solution or the model itself. The information should always be reviewed.

  3. CAUTION – A cautionary warning is of less importance than a full warning. The included information may or may not be of interest to the user.

  4. Design Alert Warnings – When a pipe/junction violates a user’s design alert, a notification is given.

Any of the warning message types above can be double-clicked in the Output window to take you directly to the pipe/junction referenced in the message.

The following is a complete list of the warnings you may receive, with a brief explanation given of each. Whenever any warnings occur that are WARNING or CRITICAL WARNING level, the General Results section of the Output Window will be displayed with the text in red.