PDF Downloads

Quick Start PDFs

You can find download links for the English and Metric unit Quick Start Guides below:

AFT Fathom 12 Quick Start Guide

AFT Fathom 12 ANS Module Quick Start Guide

Request a Printed Copy of the Quick Start Guide via the form below. Due to customs taxes, books will only be mailed to US addresses.

Help File PDFs

To download the help site in PDF form choose your preferred unit system. The combined PDFs include the content of the Product Help PDF, Verification PDF, and the relevant Examples PDF.

Combined PDF - English Units

Combined PDF - Metric Units


Individual PDF sections can also be downloaded from the following links.

Product Help PDF

Examples PDF - English Units

Examples PDF - Metric Units

Verification PDF

Using Help Links Offline

AFT Fathom offers help buttons and icons throughout the interface to launch the product help website. If you do not have regular internet access the help site content can be launched in PDF form. To use offline help do the following:

  1. Download one (or both) of the combined help PDF's above and place the PDF files directly in the AFT Fathom 12 installation folder where the executable file is (Fathom.exe). By default this is located at C:\AFT Products\AFT Fathom 12

    1. If the application is installed on a server machine using the "Server Installation" option, then the pdf file needs to be placed in the AFT Fathom 12 folder on the server machine.

  2. Download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader. While the Help PDF can be viewed in other PDF readers, Acrobat Reader is required to launch the pdf directly to the relevant help section.

  3. Launch AFT Fathom. From the Help menu select "Use Offline Help".

  4. The Help buttons will now open to the relevant topics in the PDF.