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Versions Before 2021

Help files for AFT products released before 2021 are provided in an offline *.chm format which is included in the installation folder for the product (by default in the C:\AFT Products folder). Help files may be launched from within the software via the Help menu, or by directly launching the *.chm file. Note that *.chm files cannot be launched from network locations due to Microsoft's firewall settings, and therefore must be copied to the local machine to appear correctly.

The help documentation included in AFT Fathom 11, AFT Arrow 8, AFT Impulse 8, and previous versions of those products includes the following:

  • Product Help - located at ...\AFT Products\AFT Product Name\Product.chm

    • e.g. ...\AFT Products\AFT Fathom 11\Fathom.chm

  • Example Help - located at ...\AFT Products\AFT Product Name\Examples\ProductExamples.chm

    • e.g. ...\AFT Products\AFT Fathom 11\Examples\FathomExamples.chm

  • Verification Help - located at ...\AFT Products\AFT Product Name\Verification\ProductVerify.chm

    • e.g. ...\AFT Products\AFT Fathom 11\Verification\F11Verify.chm