Assigned Pressure

The Assigned Pressure junction allows for the specification of a fixed boundary pressure and temperature (if heat transfer is enabled).

This junction is very similar to the Reservoir in that it fixes a pressure at a boundary. However, the Assigned Pressure allows the definition of either a static or stagnation pressure boundary, whereas Reservoirs are always stagnation pressure. Typically, any pressure gauge on a pipe will be reporting static pressure - it is important to select static pressure if this is the actual boundary in the real system. A Reservoir would be inappropriate to represent such a piping connection with non-zero flow.

If stagnation is selected, the Assigned Pressure accepts the connection of up to twenty-five pipes. Static selection limits the connection to one pipe.

When heat transfer is modeled, a temperature must also be specified. There is also the option to Balance Energy in the junction - this adjusts the temperature in order to make incoming and outgoing energy balance. This option is only appropriate for closed loop systems, read more here: Open vs Closed Systems - Balancing Energy.

Loss Factor

On the Loss Coefficients tab, loss factors can be entered to account for losses due to fittings or components at the entry/exit to each of the connected pipes.


(XTS Module Only) On the Transient tab, a pressure transient can be entered. For more information on transient data, including event transients, see Junction Transient Data.