Fluid Properties Group

The Fluid Properties group in Analysis Setup gives you control over the fluid properties that influence your pipe system analysis.

While there are a four panels available to input the fluid properties, only one panel is required to run the model. The rest of the panels offer optional input.

Note: If the SSL module is activated the panels in the Fluid properties group will change to show the slurry panels. See SSL Module Fluid Properties for more information.

  • Fluid panel - Required panel. Allows the user to define the fluid properties directly, or from one of the available fluid libraries.

  • Viscosity Model panel - Optional panel. Allows user to define a non-Newtonian viscosity model.

  • Heat Transfer/Variable Fluids panel - Optional panel. Allows user to enable one of the heat transfer property options.

  • Laminar and Non-Newtonian Corrections panel - Optional panel. Allows the user to choose what correction factors to apply for laminar or non-Newtonian flow and to which objects the corrections should apply.

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