User Options Overview

AFT Fathom provides an array of User Options in a single window that can be found in the Tools menu.

The General section of the User Options window provides the following options:

  • Choose to show the Startup Options window at startup

  • Choose to show the Tip of the Day feature

  • Enable orthogonal drawing tips

  • Enable Confirm Before Clearing Results

  • Enable highlighting for required fields in the Properties windows, and choose the highlight color

  • Options for opening models with scenarios

  • Set a visual theme for the interface

  • Select a location for the Scenario Manager

  • Choose the number of data points to show in input tables

  • Setting parameters for "button flashing" for curve fit buttons on junction Properties windows

User Option Defaults

There are five buttons at the bottom of the User Options window. Fathom has built-in default parameters, units and settings which you can choose by clicking the Reset to Fathom Defaults button. You can also develop your own settings, tailored to your project or industry, and have these used by default (instead of Fathoms defaults). To make your own default, first select the parameters, units and settings you would like to use then click the Save As New User Defaults button. Your settings will be saved and will be used each time any new project is initiated. If you make changes to the settings, and want to get back to your defaults, click the Load User Defaults button. The default settings are updated only when you click Set As New User Defaults.

If you have made changes which you don’t want to keep, click the Cancel button. Click Save and Close to use the settings you have defined.