The Toolbox tool to the right of the Pipe Drawing Tool is the Annotation Tool. With this tool, you can draw a box that will contain an Annotation displayed on the Workspace.

The Annotation Tool allows you to create a text message, show an outline around the message, insert pictures in the message box, and draw lines with pointers to certain areas of the model. Different style, color and font options are provided.

Annotations can be attached to the Workspace, a pipe, or a junction. When attached to the Workspace, the annotation always remains in the same location until you move it. When attached to a pipe or junction, the annotation will move when the pipe or junction is moved. The Scenario Options tab allows you to specify in which scenarios the annotation appears. By default annotations will appear in all scenarios.

Annotations can be layered to be either Always in Front or Always in Back.

Annotations print out with the model.

Annotations can be displayed or hidden among different scenarios using the Annotation Manager from the Tools Menu.