Duplicate Special

Duplicate Special allows the model to be copy & pasted, while simultaneously applying other helpful settings as explained below. Additional options will be available when the ANS module is activated.

  • Increment All Pipe and Junction Numbers By - Adds the specified number to all pipe/junction numbers for the created object duplicates. Useful for maintaining consistent numbering

  • Create Group - Adds the duplicates to a group.

  • Hide in Output - Automatically hides the pipe and junction duplicates in the Output window so only the original pipes and junctions will be seen.

  • Make Dependent Design Case - (ANS Only) - Sets the duplicate objects as a Dependent Design Case of the duplicated model.

  • Keep Common Size Groups - (ANS Only) - Only available if "Make Dependent Design Case" is checked. This adds the duplicate objects to the same Common Size Groups that the original objects were included in.

  • Clear Design Requirements - (ANS Only) - This clears all Design Requirements from the newly created objects.

  • Link GSC Variables in New Pipes/Jcts - (XTS Only) - Variables associated with duplicated objects are duplicated and linked together within the Variables Panel.

  • Duplicate Goals - (XTS Only) - Goals associated with duplicated objects are duplicated.