Cost Calculation

AFT Fathom has the powerful ability to account for both recurring and non-recurring costs in your model.

The most common and easiest to account for recurring cost is Energy Cost. It is often desirable to reduce the electricity usage of pumps in a system, and AFT Fathom makes measuring this value easy.

In addition to energy usage, AFT Fathom can track other user-defined costs such as maintenance, installation and material cost with a Cost Library.

Cost Calculation Procedure

Depending on what types of costs or what components of a model you wish to include this process may change.

Note: This process only applies if the ANS module is not enabled. To set up cost calculations with ANS, see the Assign Cost Libraries topic.

  1. Enable Cost Calculation from the Cost Settings panel in Analysis Setup.

  2. Specify system life and energy cost in theCost Settings panel.

  3. Junctions or pipes you wish to include in the cost calculation must be added to the Cost Report with the Cost tab in the object's properties window.

  4. If you are calculating all costs (not just Energy), you will need to create Cost Libraries. To represent more complex Energy Cost, such as varying cost over time, you will need to create an Energy Cost Library.

  5. Within the Cost Libraries, specific recurring or non-recurring costs will need be defined.

  6. These costs can be further refined to adjust automatically based on diameter, time, power, or Cv with Scale Tables.

  7. Review the application of costs with the Cost Application Manager and the Cost Summary Window. It is important that the costs are being applied correctly.

  8. Run the model and view the cost totals with the Cost Report.