Settling Slurry (SSL) Examples

The examples below utilize the Settling Slurry module.

Fathom SSL Examples

Example Complexity Fluid Pipes Pumps Description
Pump Sizing for Sand Transfer System Beginner Slurry 3 1 Learn the basics of the SSL module such as defining a Detailed slurry calculation model in Analysis Setup, using the Slurry De-Rating feature in the Pump Properties window, adding Slurry parameters using the Output Control window, and generating Slurry System Curves in the Graph Results window.
Slurries with Variable Fluid Properties Intermediate Water/Slurry 2-3 1 Learn how to use the SSL module with Variable Fluid Properties. See how to use the Volume Balance junction and the Simplified slurry calculation model.
Slurry System Feasibility Study Advanced Slurry 1 0 Learn how to use the SSL module and the Scenario Manager to determine the feasibility of selected operating conditions. See how to use the Multi-Scenario output feature in the Output window and how to perform a Batch run for a model with multiple scenarios.