Design Alerts Importing & Exporting

Design Alerts can be saved to a text file to be imported into other model files. This allows the user to quickly load commonly used design alerts into multiple model files.

Export a Design Alert

To export a Design Alert:

  1. Fully define a Design Alert for any parameter in the Design Alert Manager. For this example, we are using a velocity design alert.

The Design Alert Manager with a design alert defined.

Figure 1: A design alert for velocity to be exported

  1. From the Other Actions menu, select Save, then save the file with a descriptive name.

The Other Actions drop down menu in the Design Alert Manager expanded to show the Save option.

Figure 2: The save option is selected from the Other Action dropdown. This saves the design alert to be exported.

Import a Design Alert

  1. Open the Design Alert Manager from the Tools menu.

  2. From the Other Actions menu, select Load, then browse to the saved design alert file.

The Design Alert Manager. The Other Actions drop down menu is expanded to show the Load option.

Figure 3: The Load option from the Other Actions dropdown menu allows the user to import previously saved design alerts

  1. The Design Alert should now be added to the Existing Design Alerts list, and can be applied to objects in the model.