Common Junction Input Parameters


Every junction must have a unique ID number. When new junctions are created, a junction number is automatically allocated.

The junction number can be changed by the user to any unique integer value greater than zero and less than 100,000. Junction numbers are only identifiers and have no effect on the model behavior.


A name can be assigned to each junction for reference purposes. Names do not need to be unique. The name can be shown on the Workspace, in the Visual Report and in the Output window.

Library List

A list of all available custom components. It displays components from any connected library.

Selecting a component from this list automatically retrieves the junction settings and populates the properties window. Changing the input manually will deselect the component in the list.

Copy Data From Junction

The Copy Data From Junction dropdown list allows you to copy all or some of an existing junctions' properties to the current junction. Selecting an existing junction will prompt the user on what parameters should be copied over.

In child scenarios, Copy Data From Junction lists "Parent Junction Data," allowing the user to copy all or some parameters from the parent junction.

Pipe Connectivity

The connected pipes are displayed. This is helpful to determine potential connection issues and easily identify which pipes are upstream and downstream of the junction.


Every junction must have an elevation reference. This value is the centerline elevation of the connected pipe(s).

If multiple pipes are connected to a single junction, there are multiple elevations that must be defined. By default, all connected pipe centerlines are assumed to be at the same elevation. A different inlet/outlet elevation can be specified by unchecking the "Same as Inlet" box for junctions with only two connecting pipes.

For junctions with more than two pipe connections, these elevations can be specified in the Pipe Depth or Loss Coefficients tab, depending on junction.

Elevations are used to account for pressure changes due to gravity. There can be a pressure changes due to elevation change in a pipe or a junction. Junction elevation changes will have no effect on the flow solution, but will offset the local static pressure by the hydrostatic pressure difference.

A default elevation can be specified in Parameter Options, automatically setting new junctions to the specified elevation.

Jump Feature

Quickly move to the next junction. See Jump Feature.