Junction Library

Adding Custom Junction Data to the Component Library

To simplify modeling and eliminate repetitive data entry, AFT Fathom allows you to save frequently-used junction data to a custom library. Once saved, the custom equipment data can be selected from the Library List in the Properties Window at any later time for immediate recall of the data. Using this tool, you can easily build your own library of pumps, valves, or other components supplied by specific manufacturers.

To save a custom junction to the library - open the junction Properties Window and enter all required data. Close the window and choose Add Component to Library from the Library menu. You will be prompted to enter a name for the custom junction. Enter a descriptive name then click OK. If you open the junction again, the custom name will be selected in the Library List.

AFT Fathom accepts custom data for all junction types except Volume Balance.

Editing the Component Library

You can delete or rename any existing library component in the Edit Junctions panel of the Library Manager, accessed from the Library menu. To edit an existing library entry, select the item in the list and click the Edit Data button. This opens the data into a Properties Window where the data can be modified.

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