Goal Seek and Control (GSC) Examples

The examples below utilize the Goal Seek and Control module.

Fathom GSC Examples

Example Complexity Fluid Pipes Pumps Description
Beginner: Heat Transfer in a Pipe Beginner Water (liquid) 1 0 Learn the basics of the GSC module. See how to use Analysis Setup to activate and enable the GSC module and to use the Goal Seek and Control group to define variables and goals. Learn where to find the GSC Variables and GSC Goals tabs in the Output window.
Pump Sizing and Selection with Flow Control Valves Beginner Water (liquid) 9 1 Learn how to use the GSC module to size a pump in a system with a pump and flow control valves in series.
Cooling System Beginner Water (liquid) 20 2 Learn how to link GSC variables together to apply multiple variables and goals in a single simulation.
Model Calibration with Pipe Variables Beginner Water (liquid) 6 0 Learn how to use the GSC module to vary pipe friction to calibrate a model to match a measured volumetric flow rate.
Spray Discharge System Intermediate Water (liquid) 11 0 Learn how to create groups and use the Group Max/Min and Group Sum goals using the GSC module.
Controlled Heat Exchanger Temperature Intermediate Water (liquid) 10 1 Learn how to use the GSC module with heat transfer to vary the open percentage of a three-way valve to achieve a desired temperature.
NFPA Firewater System Intermediate Water (liquid) 71 0 Learn how to use the GSC module to determine the most hydraulically remote nozzle for NFPA Reports.