Module Walk-Through Examples (English Units)

The examples in the Fathom Module Help System are designed to get new users trained to use the Fathom modules correctly in the shortest amount of time.

If this is your first time using Fathom, please start with the Walk-Through Examples to learn how to create and run Fathom models. Start with the Three Reservoir Model, because it provides the most complete, basic description on how to set up and run a Fathom model. After this example, it is recommended that you work through the remaining Walk-Through examples.

If you are just learning to work with the Fathom modules, start with the Beginner model for each module, then choose an example from the tables on the Module pages that most closely matches your application. The examples are arranged in order of increasing complexity.

Fathom GSC Examples

Fathom XTS Examples

Fathom SSL Examples

Fathom ANS Examples

Fathom Combined Module Examples