Primary Window Overview

AFT Fathom has five Primary Windows. The Primary Windows are tabbed and can be pulled out of the main window onto separate screens.  The Primary Windows are permanent in that you work in one of these windows at all times. The Primary Windows work together to provide tools for entering model input, analyzing results for accuracy, and preparing results for documentation.

  • The Workspace window allows you to build the model visually and see the model layout.

  • The Model Data window is the text-based complement to the Workspace window. The Model Data window shows input data in text form. This window works hand-in-hand with the Workspace window to provide exceptional flexibility in manipulating data.

  • The Output window displays the results of the analysis in text form and lets you produce attractive, effectively organized printed output.

  • The Visual Report window merges the output data with the pipe system layout from the Workspace to present a unique perspective of the results. This window also allows customized layout of the information for documentation and presentation purposes. An alternate use for the Visual Report window is to show textual input data combined with the input schematic.

  • The Graph Results window provides full-featured Windows plotting capability. Here results can be viewed in a variety of graphs for evaluating system performance or identifying important trends. The Graph Results window also allows graph customization.

You can change between the five Primary Windows by selecting them from the Window menu or by clicking the appropriate tab within the AFT Fathom window.

If the ANS module is activated, an additional primary window called the Sizing window will be available, which allows sizing information to be configured.