Fathom Learning Resources

Online Resources

Additional resources can be found in the Learning Center on our website. Resources found there include:

  • Training Seminar information

  • Free Webinars

  • Flow Expert Package information

  • Case Studies

  • Video Tutorials

  • Tips & Tricks Blogs

  • Quick Start Guides

Online Quick Start Video Tutorial

The Quick Start video tutorial series provides a short introduction to the interface of AFT Fathom using a simple example model.

Beginner: Three Reservoir Problem

This is a simple example model which is recommended as a starting point for brand new AFT product users.

Walk Through Examples

This links to a variety of example problems for beginning to advanced users which showcase different features and applications of AFT Fathom.

Module Walk Though Examples

A list of examples using the add-on modules of AFT Fathom to solve a variety of problems.