One of the more powerful features of AFT Fathom is that it provides extensive customization capabilities. AFT Fathom provides the tools to build custom libraries for fluid properties, pipe materials, and all junction types except Volume Balance. AFT Fathom incorporates these libraries internally and offers them to you through list boxes.

There are three categories of libraries: Local User, External, and AFT Internal.

The Local User Library is located in the FTH_USER12.DAT file in the local user directory, and stores user-specified data for most component types for local use. It cannot be transferred to other users.

The AFT Internal Library is located in the Fathom12.DAT file in the local user directory and stores AFT-provided libraries, as well as user-specified fittings & losses. It cannot be transferred to other users.

External libraries are created by the user and can contain data for any of the library types. In AFT Fathom you can create multiple network or local custom libraries using the Library Manager on the Library menu. External libraries can be shared to multiple users from a network location as is discussed in Creating an Enterprise-wide Network Library System.

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