Candidate Sets Panel

Candidate Sets are selections of pipe Material, Types, and Sizes that can be considered in the automated sizing process.

Define Candidate Sets

Before it can be applied to any pipes in the model, a Candidate Set must be defined.

The Define Candidate Sets panel. The New button is in a red box.

Figure 1: The new button allows for the creation of new Candidate Sets

Clicking New will request a name for the new Candidate Set (Figure 1). After entering a name, the Select Pipe Sizes window will appear. In this window, a Material must be selected, and any number of specific Types and Sizes can be added for consideration (Figure 2). It would be common to select commercially available Sizes of a certain Type, but any selection can be made.

The Select Pipe Sizes window with pipe material Steel - ANSI and sizes 1 inch to 12 inch added to the Candidate Set.

Figure 2: The Select Pipe Sizes window allows for the sizes to be considered for sizing to be specified

The Define Candidate Sets panel with Candidate Set 1 defined.

Figure 3: A fully defined candidate set

Candidate Sets can be saved to and loaded from a file for distribution or use in other models.

Note: The Candidate Sets defined here are common to all scenarios. They can be applied or not applied in certain scenarios as needed.

Assign Candidate Sets to Pipes

Every pipe that is being sized must have an associated Candidate Set (Figure 4). As Common Size Groups already define every pipe within them as the same Size, Candidate Sets are assigned to the entire Common Size Group. Multiple Common Size Groups or Not in Group pipes can be assigned at once by selecting the rows and using the Assign To button.

The Assign Candidate Sets to Pipes panel. Each pipe is assigned to the "STD Steel Pipe 1-36 inch" Candidate Set.

Figure 4: Size Groups can be assigned Candidate Sets to limit the sizing options

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